Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WIAW #22

Wednesday. I like Wednesday. Heaps of people don't though and I don't get it.
They're like this:
When I'm like this:
I especially like Wednesdays on account of WIAW- where I can share my noms and steaky-beak at other's too :) So thanks as usual to Peas and Crayons for the link-up :D Now onto the food!

I.LOVE.BREAKFAST. But you already know that (unless you don't... now you do.. yeh)
 Breakfast featured two delicious wholemeal crumpets topped drowned in all natural crunchy peanut butter with a side of muesli (heated slightly in the microwave) and a delicious nudie juice.  
I love nudie juices because there is nothing artificial added and all the grams of sugars on the back are from the fruits. I also love me some chia seeds.
This brekky kept me full all the way up until lunch...
Lunch was a simple delicious salad of cooked millet, drained and rinsed 4 beans, spinach, capsicum, tomato, carrot and a squeeze of lemon juice:)

I don't care what people say- I can definitely make friends with salad!

The usual. The best!
Some fruit and soy milk;)

 I was hungry. It was dinner time. I ate food :)
I heated up some of the best veggie sausages ever roasted up some sweet potato and regular potato, steamed up some brussels sprouts and peas, chopped up some tomato and sprinkled up some spinach. Hmmm, I guess I couldn't write a whole sentence with 5 ups and make it make sense- silly old spinach not being able to be sprinkled up!
Anywho! It was tasty!

What do you eat on this fine Wednesday?
Do have juice with brekky? (I never usually have juice unless it's a nudie)
Brussels sprouts? Yay or nay? (I'm sure there will be a few nays!)
Ok, definitely time to go when I start with the cheesy jokes! Don't forget to check out others eats!
Bye for now! :D

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