Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WIAW #23

Happy Wednesday, or happy Mittwoch- which is the German name for Wednesday, literally meaning mid-week :)
No, no this WIAW doesn't have a German theme to it (I wouldn't even know what a German theme would be?) I just thought it was interesting! Let's hop to it shall we! Thanks as always to Peas and Crayons for hosting this link-up.

I knew breakfast was going to be super awesome when I put everything in my pot and immediately it went this colour:
 Yay blueberries!
In my blueberry vanilla protein oats today were some rolled oats (I don't pay attention to serving sizes for oats- they're ridiculously small) chia seeds, a scoop of vegan vanilla protein powder, a teeny chopped banana, some rice milk and a BIG handful of blueberries, heated until thick:
 And... smothered in almond butter (yes I used this trick on my bowl as well)
 Check out the purple-ness!
 Would you believe me if I told you it tasted better than it looks?
 'Coz it did:
Lunch today was a typical school kids lunch. A sandwich! I guess there's a few things typical school kids don't put on their sammy's that I do however :) Starting with how much I put on :)
 Inside was mashed lentils with salsa, sliced avocado, spinach, sliced capsicum, sliced tomato, grated carrot and alfalfa, topped with more lentil mash and the other half of the wholemeal spelt and rye bread. So yum!
After a long day at work school I needed a snack!
Enter sliced green apple and glass of soy milk:
 This always picks me up with the natural sugar rush from the crisp sweet apple and the added protein and calcium from the soy milk.

I have a thing about serving meals in bowls. I think it makes food taste better. It also creates one big meal, rather than a side of carbs, a side of protein, a side of veggies... it's all together in one bite :)
 This dinner was a bed of spinach topped with roasted veggies (pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, parsnip, swede and that's it) steamed peas and corn and a torn up vegan sausage
 Twas quite good! I'm sure some of you are wondering if I have dessert or not after dinner because there never seems to be any pics of it in my WIAW. Well the short answer is no. The longer answer is; my dinner's are always so big that I'm sometimes not even hungry when I wake up! Don't worry though, as soon as I'm out of bed the hunger strikes!

What did you eat this fine Wednesday?
Do you speak German?
Blueberries- love/hate/don't mind?

Wanna see more eats? Head on over to Peas and Crayons to see what everyone else is nom-ing!

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