Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fat is my friend!

Hello friends. We're all friends here right? I'm friends with you, you're friends with me... we're all friends with fat.
That's right- I don't know about you, but fat is my friend and I'm proud of it!
I'm not talking about the bulging squishy stuff around the belly or the soggy burgers and fries from fast food joints. I'm talking about healthy fats- one of my BFF'S!
Why all the sudden love for fat? I've always been a fan of healthy fats and their filling qualities and tasty... tastes, but recently a few of my peers have gone off the important nutrient, weary of the high calorie count found in high fat foods.
But remember there's a difference!
Saturated fats should be consumed with caution and trans fats... shouldn't be consumed full stop, but monounsaturated and unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats shouldn't be feared! Unsaturated fat is encouraged as part of a healthy diet for a reason!
Not only do they make you look great (think strong hair, healthy skin + good complexion and strong nails) but your internal-ness will thank you too! Your brain is mainly made of cholesterol and fat so better brain function is inevitable and another result is stronger bones and eye health. I mean, there's a reason it's on the healthy living pyramid: 
The other thing that ticks me off about this new diet plan (come on teenage girls- think healthy!) is the substitutions. If they're gonna eat, you're gonna bet it's low-fat!
Producer- 'Ok, let's take the fat out!'
Worker- 'Ok, but what will we put in instead?'
Producer- 'Anything that makes it taste good but contains no fat!'
Worker- 'Sugar, salt, artificial fillers and unheard of ingredients taste good!'

Me- 'Why are people allowed to do this?'
I'll say it again. Fat is my friend and I love the taste of it, whether it's:
Nut butter on toast:
Roast veggies
Vanilla protein powder Oats with peanut butter
Scrambled eggs with rice and salsa, steamed veggies and mashed avocado with organic blue maize tortilla chips:
Give me all the fat!

Now, I'm not saying eat fat all the time in vast amounts. Healthy fats are high calories and like absolutely everything in life (including water!) too much of a good thing is bad. But that is the same for anything you eat.
I love this. This is the only diet I believe in. There's no special trick or strange diet no one's heard of before that will make you happy, healthy and lovin' life like the one mentioned above :) I like how forward it is.

Food for thought:
Have you ever avoided all fats because of the calories? I will admit I've been there before.

Do you still? Nowadays healthy fat makes up a big part of my diet.

What's your favourite healthy fat? Hello peanut butter!

That's it from me! See you later! :D

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