Friday, 28 November 2014

Sunset obsessions

 Happy Saturday friends! How has yours been so far?
I, for one, woke up HUUNGGRRYYY! I think I will blame my 6-7pm hockey game, where I only brought with me some roasted veggies for tea afterwards... 12 hours later and the tummy was ready for food!
Enter breakfast:
(Photos taken on my ipad, as my real camera's memory card was in the computer loading up my many pictures of food for the blog ;)
This breakfast was some vanilla protein baked oatmeal:
Made with 1/2 cup rolled oats + some fibre mix (like LSA) + chia seeds + BIG dash of cinnamon + scoop of vegan vanilla protein powder + some chopped mixed raw nuts, all placed in a saucepan with 3/4 cup almond milk and bubbled away until majority of liquid was absorbed- then poured into a ramekin dish and baked in oven (180 degrees celsius) for 20 mins.

Whilst my oatmeal was baking I whazzed together 1 banana and 2 big very ripe strawberries and placed in the freezer:
 Like a fruit puree but better :)
Once oatmeal was done I popped it into a bowl, mashed it up a bit...
And topped it with some brazil, almond and cashew mix nut butter:
 Goodness me I much prefer my proper cameras photos over these ones! Here, just for your viewing pleasure:
A pretty picture of food!
This brekky (plus a few extra sneaky grapes) did the trick of filling my tum and now I'm ready to tackle the day... but first can we talk about sunsets?

'Steph, you're weird.'

 'World, I know :)'

Spring and Summer are definitely the best times for sunsets. They happen later so you can enjoy them after dinner for a walk or a sit outside and they are 10 x prettier with wisps of pinks and oranges and reds magically dancing across the sky. (I should be a writer, hey?)
Apparently I seem to not only have an obsession with watching sunsets, I also have an obsession with snapping pics of them, as I discovered scrolling through my recent pics.
I mean seriously- are sunsets not the most prettiest things you've ever seen? Apart from sun rises. I love both of them so much!
I think that's why I secretly go to bed relatively early, so I can be awake for the sunrises and sunsets- double dose of happiness! :)

Ok, now I'm off to go do some grocery shopping (and secret Santa shopping!)

Does your ipad/iphone/phone/whatever else take good pics?
Are you often starving in the morning after a small dinner?
Are you obsessed with sunsets?

Catch ya later! :D

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