Wednesday, 5 November 2014

WIAW #30

Hello, hello wonderful people!
It's Wednesday, I'm hungry and I'm ready to bombard this space with several pictures of food sublimity. :) Thanks to peas and Crayons as usual for this amazing link-up that connects so many of us bloggers and make sure you head on over (after squizzing through mine first, of course) to check out what everyone else has been nom-ing!

Lettuce begin!
You know something's going to taste good when it turns out this colour:
 Today's breakfast featured some delicious vanilla protein powder steel cut oats (1/3 cup steel cut oats + 1 sliced banana + 1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder +  big dash of cinnamon + sprinkle of chia seeds + about 1 1/2 cups almond milk- let bubble away for 15-20 mins and then stand for another 15 mins) along with some blueberry fro-yo (big handful of frozen blueberries + 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt- whazzed up in a little food processor)
 These are probably my favourite type of oats. Topped with some cashew butter:
 I made the fro-yo about 45 minutes before eating it so I could put it in the fridge to harden up :)

 It was like eating a Bulla frozen yoghurt ice cream!
 Just because I felt like my oats were feeling left out:
Fueled, filled and off to school we go!
*Edited to add* school was tough, tiring and my brain was hurting by 2nd period- exam revision, why you so hard?
I was ready for a Snack:Today's snack was this... but red:

Yes, I may have forgotten to snap a pic:)
Lunch was yum-ly yum! It was brown rice + red quinoa + steamed pumpkin + mixed four beans + peas + pesto! (this pesto was made with kale instead)

 Super yummy and filling- I get so excited for lunch when I'm at school that I want to eat it at recess! Although my humongous breakfasts keep me super full, so I don't even think I could!

 I just love the combo of rice, beans, pumpkin and pesto!
I also love the jealous looks I get around the lunch circle ;)

After a tiring day at school and an afternoon filled with some more homework/ revision, I needed a little something to brighten my day!

This fruit couldn't have tasted better! Again, I was fueled and rip-roaring to go (as much as is possible for a tired 15-year old;)

Come dinner I was in a weird mood, didn't know what to eat and changed my mind repeatedly until finally deciding on this:
A big ol' plate of veggies- who says veggies should only take up half your plate?
On said plate was an oven roasted sweet potato (I pierce mine with a fork, microwave for 2 mins and then place in an oven at 180 degrees celsius for 40 mins) with it's insides mashed up with 2 of the best veggie sausages ever.
Some oven roasted brussles, cauliflower and broccoli: (I steamed these for 10 mins then placed them in the oven- 180- for 30 mins)
Lastly some tomato... just coz I felt like it :)
Perfectly ripe tomato is divine, I would eat it like an apple. (Trust me I've done it before- let's just say my lunch box was a little different to all the other 7 year olds ;)

Aaaannnddd.... that's what I ate!
How about you? Any super yummy eats recently?
Favourite fruit? Don't make me choose! Oh wait, that's right I'm making you choose! Haha, mine would be a tie between mango, grapes, water melon and banana :D
Favourite motivational food? I'm not sure, personally. Food in general seems to keep me pretty motivated :)

Thanks again Peas and Crayons!

See your lovely faces later! :D


  1. Your breakfast froyo looks delicious. So jealous.

    I love the colors of your food. Makes me want to eat what you're eating. :)

  2. Kay,
    Thanks so much! The fro-yo was pretty good :)
    Steph 2 chef x

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