Friday, 21 November 2014

Saturday happenings

Hi everyone!
Just dropping by quickly to recap the past few days and enjoy Saturday! (time to breathe and relax after the business of the week!)
This morning was a nice lazy morning because I could not move. Seriously. Ok- maybe I could move a little, but still. I blame yesterday, volleyball, net ball and hockey all in one day= Steph in a coma. :)
Usually on Saturdays I spend a lot more time in the kitchen at breakfast to make something extraordinary and delicious and a lot more time consuming than week day breakfasts. Today, however I couldn't get a post about oat bran and how adding lots of liquid gives you a big voluminous bowl out of my head and was really craving oat bran because of it!
I didn't realise you could add so much liquid to oat bran and it will still absorb it, resulting in a H.U.G.E bowl of filling oat bran! This bowl was 1/3 cup oat bran with a tablespoon of this fiber mix stuff, a tablespoon raw cacao, a big dash of cinnamon (probably 3-4 normal people dashes) and 1 chopped banana, heated on the stove with 1 cup almond milk and 1 cup water, whisking until thickened to liking.
And of course topped off with a big drizzle of mixed nut and chia butter :)
This was sooo good and sooo filling- all that extra liquid really does make a difference and I loved that I got to eat so much without cooking 1 cup of oat bran!
I ate my big bowl o' oats alongside some kiwi fruit yoghurt (2 kiwifruit, chopped and whazzed with 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt)
So that was good and comforting and made me smile, which was a handy thing... especially after waking up to find this on my leg:
Trust me the light does not do this giant of as bruise any justice. It's huge, it's egg shaped and it hurts! My guess is it happened during hockey last night... but you'd think I would have remembered something that caused a bruise that big!
Now I'm off to enjoy some ginger tea (I literally just put chopped up ginger in hot water), work on some blog posts, read some blog posts, get some study in for my physics, chemistry and English exams!

See you guys later! :D

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