Tuesday, 25 November 2014

WIAW #33- Simple, yet delicious!

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! Happy yet? ...

How about now? Good :) You have to be in a good mood, especially when scrolling through endless pictures of food! (well that usually puts me in a good mood anyway:)

Thanks as always to Peas and Crayons for such a brilliant link-up each week!

Let's see some eats!

After a lovely 20-or-so minute run (don't really track the time) and a date and a fig as my pre-run snack, I had breakfast!
Which consisted of a smoothie made of 1 chopped frozen banana, 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt, a scoop of organic vegan vanilla protein powder, a handful of spinach and a splash of almond milk:
Drank alongside some overnight oats in a jar:
I simply filled up half the jar with fruity muesli and chia seeds and topped almost to the top with almond milk, stirred and put in the fridge overnight
Peek-a-boo inside:

Unfortunately I didn't believe my half a carrot was worthy of a photo. Just kidding- I forgot ;P

Lunch was simple- yet utterly delicious (it was what I was craving so it tasted 10 000 x better) with brown rice, mixed four beans, peas, corn, sliced tomato, green and red capsicum and spinach:
Some times my body just screams for simple, plain flavours and veggies... and I love it :)

My afternoon snack consisted of a glass of soy milk:
A plate of fruit (delicious sweet white flesh peach and black seedless grapes)
Ergo- fruit and soy milk! :)

For din-dins, I was still in my simple, plain flavours mood and made myself a plate of steamed veggies (pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, parsnip, brocoli, baby asparagus and brussels sprouts) and two poached eggs topped with some salsa:
I never seem to have a problem with filling half my plate with veggies- my problem seems to be squishing all the veggies to the side so I can fit something else on the plate!
After dinner I had a small handful of nuts (I'm always super hungry on run days) and was nicely satisfied! :)
That's what I ate!

How about you?
What did you eat this Wednesday?
Do you sometimes crave simple, plain foods? This tends to happen on a pretty regular basis for me!
Do you like poached eggs with salsa? I seem to love this combo!

Bye for now folks! :D

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