Friday, 5 June 2015

An early start to the weekend!

Hey friends!! HAPPY SATURDAY!
Confession: I was standing in the kitchen this morning and had to ask my mu what day it was. I had no clue. Exams seem to steal everyday thinking from you. Also, I worked last night at the restaurant (there was a 50th party... of 40 people... yep) and I usually work Saturdays, so I was definitely not sure what day I was up to when I woke up this morning.

Any who, I've been enjoying my early start to the weekend on account of not having an exam Friday and have taken the extra time to make sure I have eaten some truly tasty treats (why do I have such an obsession with alliteration?)

Friday morning saw clear(ish) skies and not horrifically cold and windy weather so I took full advantage of this and headed out in my inspiration sunshine yellow tank top (that says 'Follow your dreams') and fluorescent pink running shorts (nothing like a bit of colour to get me motivated!!) for a lovely 30+ minute run. As it was a nice early and relatively short run I didn't pre-fuel before hand so when I got home I was H.U.N.G.R.Y. and I knew some warm rolled oats were in order.

I also had an almost empty jar of this nut butter in the fridge. Win! Now what flavour? I didn't want sweet. I wanted tang! So I chopped up some rhubarb, added in a banana and also a squeeze of lemon juice, some soy milk and of course rolled oats and cooked until porridge-y!
 I didn't feel like there was enough nut butter left in this jar so halfway through pouring in my warm oats, I added in some coconut butter. Perfect mid-breakfast surprise! (That wasn't a surprise ;)
 Fueled and ready to tackle the day!
The extra day filled with hours upon hours of extra time lead me to think of all the possibilities and tasks I could get done to make sure my actual weekend was smooth sailing and not rushed having to cram last minute study with other chores/ things I needed to do.

Editing blog posts, learning some chemistry equations and planning my grocery list for today took up most of the morning and then my belly wanted lunch!
There were veggies involved; steamed broccoli and brussels sprouts, chopped mushrooms, eggplant, capsicum, zucchini and whole cherry tomatoes- thrown into a hot pan with olive oil and garlic and sauteed until nice and tender:
 Then with some pumpkin and corn falafel torn up and thrown in for extra flavour and protein:
But wait, it didn't end there! These delicious veggies were then plonked onto a wholemeal wrap spread with hommus and topped with spinach to be toasted in a sandwich press for an utterly delicious lunch!
 Yeh, I may have overestimated how big my wrap was. Though I did try I simply couldn't wrap it up, so I also had a nice little side salad:
This was mighty tasty!

I gave myself the afternoon off to just relax from the hectic past week and watched Shrek 2. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and just need to remove myself from the world for a little bit, I also seem to reach for a movie. I can get swept up in the characters lives and their world and problems and worrries and completely forget about my own. Also Shrek 2 is an awesome movie. :)

As my shift for work was starting at 6:15pm I went about preparing dinner earlier than usual (as usual when I'm working :) and sometimes a girl only has the mental energy/ capacity/ craving for roasted veggies and a pot of peas. And so I made roasted veggies and a pot of peas!
 Then off to work, which was super hectic, back home, off to bed (hard to fall asleep after a hectic night like that!) and ready for the weekend! Woop woop!

Today's plans include grocery shopping, studying and maybe another shift. Let's go Saturday!

What about you?
Do you sometimes add more nut butter to your OIAJ? (Oats in a jar)
What's your favourite thing to put in a wrap? Do you prefer your wraps toasted or normal?
Ever just make super simple dinners?

That's it from me today folks! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, hopefully you have something fun planned, if not- plan something fun! Even if it's just for an hour :) Also, eat something yummy! Bye friends!! :D

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