Sunday, 28 June 2015

Savoury meals.. for once!

Happy Monday friendly friends!
As per usual Steph style I feel like the blog has had a bit of a focus on the sweet/ breakfast-y/ dessert (because my breakfasts are taste pretty much like desserts... always) so it's about time that I shared some more savoury inspo for you guys. You know, in case you were wondering what on Earth I eat other than oats ;)

This can be me on occasion... but I promise you I do enjoy a good savoury meal every now and then!

So here's a little look-see at some of the less oat-y/ breakfast-y concoctions I've been nom-ing on lately:
As per usual Mexican has featured!
This gorgeous Goddess of a wrap was some taco spiced beans, lentils and mushrooms cooked in a fry pan with some water + a quick salsa of tomato, corn, avocado and lemon juice all wrapped up in a multi-grain wrap spread with hommus and topped with spinach. Grilled in a sandwich press until crisp and toasty on the outside!
So very tasty and satisfying when one is suffering from The Hangry.

A lunch at home and now a lunch at school:
Prepping my lunch for school the night before when I make dinner saves a TON of time! I seem to split the week in half with my lunches, making half the night before and half the morning of. The night before lunches are always 10x better :)

This was some parsnip, potato and sweet potato drizzled with olive oil and scattered with lemon thyme before roasting for around 45 mins at 180 degrees celsius:
In the morning topped with a torn up veggies and quinoa patty, spinach and chopped tomato:
Twas good!
And what did I make for that dinner whilst I was roasting the veg for my lunch?
MORE ROAST VEGGIES (because seriously, you can never have too many roasted veggies... unless of course you do.) This time the mix was roasted swede, pumpkin, potato and beetroot and cubed tofu (simply placed on the roasting tray along with the veg and roasted in olive oil.
I have this obsession with plain brown rice. Some call me strange, but there is something about the flavour of simple, boiled brown rice that doesn't compare to any other grain.
I seemed to be on a little tofu kick last week (I did buy a block of hard tofu grocery shopping last week and wanted to use it up) and chucked some more cubes in the veggies I roasted up for another lunch last week:
Zucchini + eggplant + capsicum + mushrooms + cherry tomatoes + tofu, roasted in olive oil for around 40 minutes until the veggies screamed delicious-ness (eggplant roasted in olive oil- best thing ever, or what?)
All I had to do in the morning was chuck in some spinach, et voila! So delicious and so simple!

I guess from these pics you can tell that my savoury meals tend to be simple and focus on keeping the veggies in their simple whole state because they just taste so. good. I always tell myself to try out a recipe I've bookmarked on my computer from several awesome bloggers, or one of the ones I've colour-sticky noted in my recipe books... and yet whenever I go to make something I just feel like simple.

Breakfast is a whole other story though- all the strange cooking creations happen in the AM!

What about you?
What is your favourite meal of the day? Breakfast, breakfast, BREAKFAST!
Favourite prep-ahead lunches?
Plain brown rice? Are you a fan?

That's it from me today folks! As always, make today a good one (it is in your power!!) eat something delicious and give someone a hug :) Bye for now!! :D

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