Friday, 12 June 2015

My Fatal Flaw

You know how in many Shakespearean tragedies the protagonist/s have that one fatal flaw that ultimately leads to their tragic demise?

Like Romeo and Juliet were two brash and hasty in their decisions, Macbeth who was too consumed by his ambition, Hamlet- riddled with indecisiveness....

And it came to my attention that I, too, have a fatal flaw. A fatal 'typical healthy living blogger' flaw (I probably have a lot of other flaws that could objectively be fatal, however this is a healthy food blog... so I'm gonna stick with that theme!)

What is my fatal flaw that will lead to my utter and complete annihilation? (Or something along those lines :)

It is without a doubt my inability to leave food on my plate. If it tastes good, I'm eating it all, no matter what. (If it tastes bad I may just leave a few crumbs for the bin) This came to my attention this morning when I had just finished my run and was going about making my breakfast.

I was hungry, bordering on hangry and definitely rungry (how many other plays on hungry can I fit in here?) and so I poured in a substantial amount of buckwheat groats, a big ol' scoop of choc protein powder, a quite large banana and generous sprinkles of coconut butter throughout the cooking process and afterwards. Needless to say, there was a lot of breakfast!
All that melty coconutty goodness and warm, gooey rich chocolatey-ness was just too much to handle!!
The first few bites of this sunshine yellow mug of delicious-ness were out-of-this-world good! Then the richness factor of the meal started to kick in and about halfway through I was kind of... done? But there was still a whole half a mug there and so on I trudged (I know, it was tough) and finished it all!

And yes, like all those tragedies listed above, it didn't end too well. I wasn't sick or anything, I just felt kinda yuck and knew I'd had a bit too much :)
It seems to be the same with anything I make really. Even if I know I've made a bit too much and it's literally overflowing out of my bowl/ mug/ plate/ saucepan I still manage to finish it because it just tastes too good to waste.

You may be wondering why I don't just package it up for another time, however more often than not there's only a small amount left that just wouldn't be satisfying the next time (have I mentioned my hunger before?) and so I just shovel it down.

I know it's not the best and I should be listening to my hunger cues, stopping when I'm full etc. But I feel like I do so many other things well (making sure my body is well fed with whole nutritious foods and moving to feel good) that if I only have the one fatal flaw when it comes to food, I'm ok with that.

Now I'm thinking back fondly of that rich, decadent buckwheat porridge. See, didn't last too long :)

What about you?
What would you say is your fatal flaw when it comes to healthy eating/ living?
Are you a 'finish everything on the plate' kind of person?
Ever tried chocolate buckwheat? It is gooood

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, relax, enjoy any spare time you have for yourself, eat something delicious and tell someone you love them, I feel we don't say that enough to the ones we love :) Bye friends! :D

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