Thursday, 4 June 2015

TOL- Problematic pizza, wonderous colds & literal spinach love!

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday!!
Right at this moment I am very happy indeed, on account of 3 half-yearly exams over and only 3 to go (yep, halfway through... come on Steph! Keep up the momentum!) Also happy because I now have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off before I have to return for 2 exams on the Monday (ahh Chemistry and economics... WHY!)
Any- who, I'm not here to talk about my exams- this is now an official no-exam-talk zone!- nope, on this fine Thursday, I'm Thinking Out Loud... Spoons style!

Le go!

1. The other day I wanted to make pizza. But was running low on time. So I may have side-stepped a few things (ie. the recommended kneading time). I didn't realise my dough wouldn't rise.... or the fact that I wouldn't be able to role my dough out without breaking.

Talk about elastic ;)
Amazingly it looks pretty alright and didn't taste too bad... but I definitely feel like I wasted a perfectly good pizza experience!
 You know I still ate it all up though :)
2. I feel like the world is out to get me.
Everyone- and I mean everyone- had a cold the two weeks leading up to exams and I made it my absolute mission to not get sick. I avoided the ill like the plague and even shunned my own family in order to keep my health (they understood ;) And come the day before exams I thought to myself; 'I did it! I'm not sick!'

Wake up the next morning with a blocked nose, headache and sore throat. Great. I'm sure all my class mates love my snotty presence in the silent exam room. I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it is when I sneeze! (learned the hard way to always carry tissues with me!)

3. Remember my quirky carrots?
 I bought a bag of quirky potatoes:)
 And I love them.
Here is this guy all roasted up with a bunch of other veg:
 Roasted butternut pumpkin, celeriac, potato, beetroot, parsnip, carrot, brussles sprouts, peas and spinach. Yum!

4. Lastly, on the note of natures awesome-ness....I want to share the love! Not just with my words either, but also with....

This spinach!!
I mean, how crazy is that! Totally joined together, no photo-shopping over here (that would entitle me to know how to use photoshopšŸ˜€) just plain old nature being awesome.

Aaaaand that's what I've been thinking about!

What about you?
Ever made a terrible pizza dough by cutting corners?
Do you get sick at the worst possible times?
Awesome natural food experience?

Bye for now friendly friends- I'm off to relax, my weekend starts now as I don't have another exam until Monday! Yes!


  1. I feel like exams and colds go hand in hand. One of the main thing I remember from my own exams was people constantly sniffling in the exam room. It got so bad that we sometimes had teachers walking around with boxes of tissues to help students out lol.

    1. Hey-that could be it! Didn't even occur to me that exam stress may have weakened my titanium immune system! ;)
      Lol to the teachers carrying tissues thing ;)
      Steph 2 chef xx

  2. Oh my goodness, I "heart" the heart-shaped spinach! Too cute. And good luck with your remaining exams!

    1. It's crazy right! I didn't want to eat it, but then I thought it would fill me with love! Thanks for your well wishes on my exams- only 3 more to go! Have a great day :)
      Steph 2 chef xx


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