Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thinking Out Loud- Problems, proteins and positive stuff!

It's that time of the week again friends!


I kinda like Thursdays. I mean, they're the day before Fridays, which always seems to be buzzing with anticipation over the weekend. So I feel like Thursdays are pretty cool too.

With that little piece of random-ness, I think it's the perfect opportunity to Think Out Loud, Spoons style! So sit back, relax and enjoy the splurge of random thoughts that rattled about in my brain from the last week:

1. Do any of you have this problem:
You're probably going; 'What problem? An empty container of something?'
Yes, I will admit the picture doesn't necessarily reveal the problem I am talking about... So the problem is this; Waking up quite ravenous and going about making breakfast, nibbling at bits and pieces (or spoons and whole bites) of whatever it is you're making until you get to finally eating said breakfast and you're a little full.

I have this on the daily.
 My actual breakfast- that was in fact extremely delicious... but probably would've been more so if I was still hungry ;)

And yes, that is a Minions plate :D
Blackberry fro-yo (1/4 banana + handful frozen blackberries + 3 scoops of greek yoghurt- whazzed until smooth)
I have a little spoon of nut butter if I'm scooping some into a smoothie, or scoop out the remainders of the fro-yo in my food processor and then come breakfast, I'm not so much in the mood.
I know the solution is to not eat while cooking, but that just seems illogical, if not impossible ;)

2. On the note of breakfast and delicious things I add to my breakfasts... I finally bought some more vanilla protein powder!!

You may remember when I had an obsession with these oats? And you may have also noticed that they've seemed to disappear.
Well, my friends, that is because protein powder is super-riculously expensive and a girl only has so much money to spend on groceries!

Luckily last week, one of my favourite vegan brand was on sale and I pounced (I had literally been waiting for this sale for a good few months) and now I have vanilla protein powder! Yay! Welcome back vanilla oats!!
3. I think this is one of those things that I like more than I should. Other things along those lines include Master Chef (I literally feel a sense of calm and happiness flood through me when I get ready to watch my favourite show. Ever.
Bubble baths or baths in general are another one of these things and maybe also completing everything I need to get done.
Words to live by!

I just relish in these things more than I probably should ;)

4. And lastly Pizza.
But not really pizza, moreso my inability to take one good picture and move on. Instead I opt for 34532.9 pictures... and then move on.

Don't believe me?

The other day I made a simple pizza...
This is what followed!

I know, that is a tad ridiculous... but if you are a food blogger yourself you're probably impressed at the small number of pics I actually took! Seriously!

5. Aaand I feel like I've waffled on for long enough! I'm also kinda hungry.

With that, I bid you goodbye!

Don't forget to head over to Spoons to see what random-ness everyone else is thinking about on this thriving Thursday (couldn't think of another word :). Have yourself a fabulous day and stay awesome! Bye friends!! :D


  1. Besides my almost total inability to creat recipes (but I can follow them!), that us just another reason I couldn't be a food blogger: I never have the patience to take enough photos! I am super thankful you guys exist, tho. I think. :)

    1. Haha, I seem to be the opposite- I hate following recipes! (I always think my way is better... and then realise it might not have been...)
      I'm not sure if my photo taking is patience or perfectionism. I'll have to ponder on that one!
      Steph 2 chefxx

  2. Lol! Yep. I definitely can relate to wanting to take a million pictures of a good meal and try to convey the awesomeness that it was through the screen. But that pizza looks gooooood, so it's totally justified :)

    1. Amanda,
      Especially when the food looks so good but the camera just can't see that! GAAH! The struggles!! ;)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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