Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sunday links for all!

Happy Sunday everyone!!

It seems every Sunday I'm starting off my intro talking about the green smoothie I've just downed enjoyed and you might start suspecting that's all I ever have for breakfast. Not the case, but for some reason I just crave a big, creamy, delicious green smoothie every Sunday? Strange.
Here is this morning's beast with 1 chopped frozen banana (it was a massive frozen banana!) + a massive handful of spinach+ 1/4 frozen avocado + 3 big scoops greek yoghurt + 1/3 cup rolled oats and sprinkle of chia seeds left to sit in 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk for around 20 mins + 1 large tablespoon cashew butter + 1/4 cup water- whazzed up until smoothie-licious!
It has been smoothie-mania for the last week I will admit though, my body is probably telling me something about my spinach intake (I crave the green ones!) and I'm not complaining! 
 I jut don't understand my body though, coming into Winter and it craves all the smoothies, Summer heat starts wafting in and I'm eating all the warm oats. Life.

 So that was my Sunday morning- relaxed, filled with creamy, refreshing smoothie and also a typing up of some of my favourite links from the past week to share with you guys! Enjoy :)

Good/Important Reads:


Confessions of a Food Blogger


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I hope you found some good insights/ ideas/ recipes/ laughs from those links (I know I did!) and I'll see you all tomorrow for a little recipe of my own! Have a fabulous day friends, enjoy your Sunday and make sure you eat something delicious for me! Bye! :D

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