Friday, 17 January 2014

A Day In The LIfe....

This post is just for some inspiration of what some well balanced and delicious meals look like- these are the meals I had yesterday- take your own spin on them and have fun!
I always want a serving of fruit, some calcium from somewhere- using soy/oat milk and protein and healthy fat to keep me full until lunch.
Remember this guy:

 This definitely kept me full all the way until lunch, which featured another favourite of mine.
Mashed root veggies, mixed with peas, broad beans, broccoli and a torn up veggie burger, all encased in a toasted wrap :)
Delicious- with loads of yummy veggies tucked inside!
Dinner featured me experimenting again, as I wanted to create not only a wheat free pizza base (like this one) but also a gluten free one.
So this was my eggy pumpkin pizza base. Topped with lots more yummy veggies:
135g pumpkin, chopped
2 eggs
1/2 cup Brown rice flour
Any spices/ herbs you wish (I used basil, oregano and some garlic)

1. Steam/ boil the pumpkin until very soft (20 mins)
2. whisk the egg in a medium sized bowl. Whisk in flour and herbs/ spices
3. Once the pumpkin is done place it in bowl and whisk thoroughly until smooth( no need to mash the pumpkin prior to this as it will mash really easily when whisked)
4. Pour batter onto a large non stick fry pan on low heat and smooth out to your desired thickness.
5. Place lid on and wait around 5 mins (If you don't have a lid, you could try flipping it halfway through, but I was too scared!)
6. Plop onto plate and put any toppings you like on and then bake in the oven for about 15-20 mins (180 degrees Celsius)

So that was dinner which brings us all the way back to breakfast to complete the day in the life of Steph's tummy:
2 slices of wheat free bread, topped with almond butter, with some banana mango ice cream used for dipping and smothering :)
My tummy was very happy these last 24 hours!

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