Saturday, 4 January 2014

First Post!

Well, hello! This is my first official post and I am pretty excited.
I've been putting off the idea of starting a blog for a while now, I read a lot of great blogs and felt, at my age, there was no way I could compare. As the long summer holidays rolled round, I was running out of excuses not to start one.
The idea first appeared when I was in the health food section of Woolworths. A lady was searching the shelves looking a bit lost, when she slowly turned towards me and said 'You wouldn't, by any chance know where to find quinoa?'
I smiled and pointed to the shelf that held the grain and got back to whatever it was I was doing at the time (something very important I'm sure!).
She stood there, staring at the packet. 'You wouldn't by any chance know how to cook it?'
I smiled again and told her the method and my sneaky tricks of the trade.
When I finished fascinating her with my terrific quinoa cooking method, she thanked me and told me I should start a blog.
Then I thought to myself, 'I should start a blog.' and also 'Woolies should pay me for customer service.'  but the first thought seemed a bit more realistic.
So any way here I am, with my blog and because I don't want to bore you all to death I might just wrap it up there. But wait, you need some food pics don't you? :)
A little photo story of my lunch: A beautiful roast veggie stack, atop a homemade veggie burger
It was a bit hard to eat, so this was after my first bite :) I still think it's beautiful
All gone!


  1. OMG Steph that looks incredible!!! And you definitely didn't bore me to death! xxx

  2. Omg that looks so good!! Keep blogging awesome food like that :)

  3. Well done You have such a great imagination and ingredient combination. Now all I need is some recipes to follow!! Kirsty


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