Monday, 11 August 2014

10 Day You Challenge!

Happy Monday everyone! (Well, as happy as Monday's gonna get;)
I thought I'd start off this week a little differently with a challenge I first saw on Peanut Butter Fingers and then on other blogs around the blog-o-sphere. It's called the 10 day you challenge and reveals a lot about a person- so you can get to know me a little better :D
Even if you don't have a blog, take a little time out to write out your own answers and gvet to know yourself a little better! I sure did!
10 Day You Challenge Ok, so today's post is obviously- 10 secrets! OOOooo. Now Julie from PB Fingers skipped this one because she could only come up with three... this may be the case with me- we'll see!

I can't even think of one :(
Ok so this post is actually about my NINE LOVES! (sooooo much easier)

At the top of the list:
1. Nut butter family of course!

2. Nut butter Friends are the next love of mine :)
 3. Nut butter? Yeh, ok- nut butter you made the top three!

I know tons of people who hate nut butters (if you're allergic you don't count- you know who you   are;) and I believe they had one bad experience and didn't ever try it again... because seriously... no one can truly hate nut butters!(I'm right.. right?)

4. Bananas and nut butters were battling it out on 3 and 4, however bananas are definitely a love of mine! All the different things they can do!

5. The arts (including dance, music and actual art) I love my creative side and relish in every opportunity I get to reveal it!

6. I also have a very logical side and love maths- it makes sense and theirs only one answer!
7. I looooovvve the early part of the morning- where I'm the only one up, it's dark, silent and calm- it's awesome and also my favourite time to run (though I'm still resting up at the moment)

8. Pizza! Pizza had to feature on this list- I've loved it my whole life and still managed to love it to pieces being wheat, dairy and sugar free :)
Remember these guys?
9. Lastly I want to share my love of life- I love how blessed I am which pushes me to be a better person and help those in need- so I also love humanities ability to love and show compassion towards others (yes I slipped 2 into 1, teehee)

So there you go- my nine loves (excluding my 1547230281514.75 others!)
How about you?
What do you love?
What would make your top nine?

Think about it- tell someone- eat some nut butter.... and have a great day! :D

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