Thursday, 14 August 2014

Thinking Out Loud! Randomly randomness

Hey guys! Happy Thursday and happy spill your random thoughts whizzing about in your brain day! Confused? Head on over to Spoons to see what it's all about :)
Let's begin shall we?

1.So a few days ago I was stuck in a fog.
Not a brain fog or sad fog.
An actual fog... see:
This is really weird for Aus guys! I was freaking out... and then it got worse!

The one good thing I could think that would come from this would be my sport class would be cancelled and we would have to play volleyball inside. I mean you can't really play golf with fog like that. (Yes I know- GOLF!?! It's almost as physical as chess. Almost.) Unfortunately/fortunately it cleared up as soon as I got to school and the sun came out.

2. Big news!!! Yesterday I made the cream.ever. Best texture, flavour, colour- THE BEST!
Sadly the light was terrible- I apologies! I'm wincing as I'm putting the photos up:
Do you wanna know the secret? It was simply 1 frozen banana, a handful of frozen berries and.......
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder! What!?! The protein powder is like magic!
It was the exact texture of proper ice cream and the vanilla protein powder gave it a nice sweet touch and the additional protein boost!
If only I had a cone :D
I enjoyed my fantabulous ice cream with some overnight OIAJ:
Simply 3/4 fill the empty jar (mine was almond butter) with muesli, sprinkle on some chia seeds, mixy-mix, then add milk (I used oat milk) until it reaches the top, mixy-mix and leave overnight.
This brekky was soooo good and soooooooooooooo filling!
3. It was funny- while I was making this, I couldn't keep thinking; 'I have a berry in my ice cream.'
You're probably all thinking; 'Ofcourse you have a berry in there- it's berry ice cream.'
Yes... but:
4. My last little random thought is: Why is it that when there is a problem with your computer and you restart it and you wiggle it around, turn it off and on and even cross your fingers for it to work- then finally give up and go to the computer guys at school, that they can turn it on and it works.

Now I know I'm no computer whiz..I mean this pretty much sums up me and technology:
But seriously. It's just embarrassing. Especially when they turn it on, it works and they say: 'Magic!'
Anyway! Just thinking out loud :)

Does fog scare you/excite you?
Ice-cream. What's the best flavour?
Are you a technology whiz, or almost as hopeless as me?

Bye for now! :D


  1. I heard that fact about bananas and it And so does the idea of adding protein powder to banana ice cream! I've been adding nut butters to give it a smoother consistency, but I'm definitely going to have to try the protein powder approach!

  2. I know! When I first read the banana fact I couldn't stop laughing- I also had no idea what adding protein powder would do.. good turn out! :D


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