Thursday, 21 August 2014

All or nothing attitude

Hello Friends! It's that time of the month week again! Time for me to spill my brains contents onto this page in the beautiful style of Thinking out Loud
Today I'm here to talk about an attitude so many of us possess. The all or nothing attitude. You either go all for it, or you go all against it. Of course I'm going to talk about it in a food sense :)
I've seen it everywhere. From tv shows, to movies, to friends and family. Making a resolution to eat healthier and then accidentally eating something (chips, chocolate, lollies, cake etc.) and throwing in the towel because you've already wrecked your good intentions, so today will be your last free day and you eat every bad thing in sight.
Only this same thing happens again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. Until it's the weekend- then you swear Monday will be your new beginning.
I'm not here to lecture people who do this. I'm not going to sit behind my computer screen and say, toughen up princesses, get your act together.
I'm here to give a new perspective.
Every time the mentioned above happens, you feel pretty guilty. No debate.
What an awful feeling to have when you're eating something you love so much?
After all the arguments you had with your brain and constant struggles and slaps you had between your two arms when reaching for said food- you don't even get to enjoy it?

This is the problem I have with diets. They're too strict, you can't enjoy food and if they give you a cheat day... boy are you going to cheat! That's for a whole other post for another time though.

Today I'll simply say this. Accidentally eaten something you don't think fits your new healthy bill? Don't sweat it. Maybe even enjoy it. Then, every minute is a fresh start, heck every second is a fresh start! As soon as that cupcake has traveled down your oesophagus and is churning away in your stomach right before the intestines (ok Steph, stop now!), you can move on with life, free of guilt, with a hint of a smile on your lips because that was one damn good cupcake!
(I really had to see a happy cat after that extremely sad one above :)
You have the strength and ability to leave the rest of the cupcakes where they are because your not cheating on your diet, or yourself, or any one else, everyone deserves a treat- the only diet I would ever recommend is one of moderation.

The guilt you feel after eating one cupcake (which should be 0) certainly won't be eased if you eat another 7.

I think I've said what I've needed and I hope it helps some of you- I'm quite sure we've all experienced this attitude, all at different degrees and I hope we can all one day come to the personal acceptance of accepting our 'accidents' and embracing every new second! Life's too short to do otherwise! :)


See you next time! :D



  1. I try to eat healthy most of the time, so when I do splurge on a yummy treat I don't feel guilty. -L

  2. That's the exact message I want to convey- I'm glad you feel secure and happy with your diet and I hope others can feel this way too :)

  3. hey steph! i am a first time reader and quite enjoy your style. :)
    i am pretty sure i may have blushed as soon as i began reading this post. it was like i had a gigantic finger pointed at me haha. i am 100% guilty of this exact way of thinking from time to time. moderation over all else is usually what i live by, but there are those time . . . we all know them. i find it especially tough when around the holidays or when i visit family. but you are absolutely right, life is much to short.

  4. Hi goPeacefully!
    Thanks so much for your comment- I think we've all felt this way at some point or other and you are so brave to come out and say you struggle with this- you're not alone! I didn't mean to point fingers or anything, I just wanted to help people see what's really important and also help see a new/different mentality, other than the all or nothing one.
    Thanks again for commenting :)


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