Thursday, 7 August 2014

The running debacle

Everyone seems to have an opinion about it for some reason.
You love it or you hate it and I mean LOVE it or HATE it with a passion.
If you didn't pick up from previous posts (which is valid as I don't talk too much about my running) I LOVE it. There is nothing else in the world that makes me feel the way running does (apart from maybe roller coasters...)
So what happens when a crazy running girl can't run?
I touched on this recently in a previous post, but lets back track...

Running first entered my life last year. Of course I always had to do the compulsory cross countries and all that in primary school (I wasn't very good- I stuck to sprinting), but it was not until mid- high school and starting a blog and reading other blogs that I thought I might try it out for fun!

So I went outside and ran. About 1km but still! I was puffed, but I was happy and already addicted. I ran and ran about 4 times a week sometimes more and increased my distance!
(one of my all-time favourite movies)
There are so many positives:
I was fit
My legs were toned
I could buy cool workout clothes...
but those aren't the reasons I run- they were just the bonuses.
I don't run to look good or brag to my friends. Although...
I definitely don't do it to impress people while I'm out running, however there are a few other reasons for that:
I also believe:
 So instead I:
I run because it makes me happy. I feel good and it's one of my ways of dealing with stress. I found the exercise I love and I do it.

Right at the moment though I've done something to my leg (a runners condition- of course- where one of my muscles is taking all of the strain because I have weaker hips or something) and I simply cannot run.
Of course I'm devastated and initially tried to force myself through the pain, but I knew deep down this wasn't healthy behaviour and my body was simply trying to give me a sign that it's break time.

Initially I was not totally ok with it and my mind sometimes slipped into negative thoughts like;
'You'll lose your fitness and everything else you've gained'
and if I walk for a bit or doing other exercises I might think;
'This is doing nothing- you're not even sweating.'
I know that I'm being silly, but you can't escape your own mind.

I do actually know that exercise doesn't have to make you slip over from your sweat to be effective and I know I'll regain my fitness-. I know my body needs a break and I'm ok with it, I just hope I can get back to my soothing stride soon! (Hey, hey alliteration ;)

I just thought I might share this on this wonderful Thursday, to Think Out Loud, along with the wonderful Amanda from Running with Spoons and everyone else linking up!

Any thoughts/ questions/ personal experiences are welcomed with open-arms!
Have a great rest of your week! (almost the weekend!)


  1. It's never fun to have to take time off because of an injury, but it's better to take a little bit of time off now than try to push through it, injure yourself more, and have to take even MORE time off later. Keeping my fingers crossed that you heal up soon!

  2. That's exactly what I was thinking! Thanks Amanda :)


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