Monday, 18 August 2014

An ode to PB

An Ode to PB!

Peanut butter and jelly,
It will never go out of style,
However salads can get boring,
If you have them for a while:
But if you add some peanuts,
Then you will be set,
As a dressing or sauce,
Or wholemeal crumpet.

 For Breakfast I love it,
On my home-made bread,
Along with a banana,
This marvelous spread!

It's great with granola,
Everyday of the week,
On top of a smoothie,
It reaches its peak.

I could go on forever,
With praise, adoration and rhyme,
But if I'm perfectly honest,
Who really has the time?

I hope you liked my ode to peanut butter!

What would you write an ode about?

See ya later! :D

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