Saturday, 30 August 2014

The month that was Ausgust and breaking news!

Wow, it seems only last week that I was writing the month that was July post! Time flies people, time flies! Any-ho, you're probably all wondering what this 'breaking news' is, well, you're going to have to wait until the end of the post to find out! (Or simply cheat and scroll down because it's not like I have security cameras on all of my readers computers... duh. duh. DUH! just kidding :D)

So August! August started with a bang! Well an internet bang that is! That was a scary time people- I didn't think I'd make it through. But I did. Now I sound like Bear Grylls
Yep. Definitely same sort of situation
I came back a few days later with breaking news of internet and shocked you with a long list of food pictures!
 The next weekend the internet was lost again :)
This was also the month of no running- and no I still cannot run (it's killing me!) Instead of dwelling on my heartache, I instead professed my other love of all things food!

I started the 10-day-you challenge! Where I'm now up to 6 places (get excited)
I thought out loud here, here and here
There were some awesome recipes:

 Blueberry baked oatmeal
A peach and coconut brekky I have yet to give you. (This teasing game is fun:)

Lastly, in the month of August I ate a lot of nut butter (I think I went through 3 jars :)

Now onto the breaking news! (Or onto the breaking news first if you scrolled down after reading the intro :)
So I have had really long hair for ages. Like super long. This is me last year:

 Now, I don't know why but yesterday after I had brekky, I decided I needed a change. I was thinking about chopping the lucious locks off for a while and I guess yesterday was the day to do it! (really, my hair was death from about my shoulders down- about 30cm of hair) My hair's really thick too, so I thought shorter would be much better for the up and coming Summer. So I told that to the hairdresser, showed her some pics and away we go!

Wait! I have so much hair, it's all one length, all one colour- can't we do something with it? I asked the hairdresser. So we tied it in a pony and chopped it cleanly off to be donated to the breast cancer foundation to make a wig (or three knowing my hair) and here is the result:
 I LOVE IT! The first time I ran my fingers through it was soooo weird. But I love it. Especially when I put it in two little pig-tails :)

That same day (after a wash and blow dry straight) I went swimming :) So I washed it again and it dried curly. Still looks good though:)

So that was my breaking news and that was also August! 
Let's see what September brings
Catch ya later- with a recipe!!!

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