Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WIAW #20

Happy midweek/ hump day/ day after Tues/ before Thurs.../ WEDNESDAY! You know what that means ;) FOOD-GLORIOUS-FOOD!
Well, most of my posts are about food- but this time I have a reason to show you a day of eats- for no particular reason... we all know we love it!
Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting the link-up!
Let's get cracking!
 This WIAW, is going to show my Sunday eats (where I actually managed to snap everything I consumed):


As mentioned in this post, this was my strawberry vanilla steel cut oats I couldn't wait to dig into!
It was 1/3 cup steel cut oats, 1 sliced banana, many sliced very ripe (but not over-ripe!) strawberries, a scoop of vanilla protein powder and 1 1/3 cups of milk, (I used oat milk) bubbling away in a medium saucepan over low heat until desired thickness (about 20 mins) then I let it sit for another 20 to cool.

SNACK PLATE! On the weekend I always seem to have a snack plate. After seeing Spoon's awesome plates, I knew I would like them; a little bit of everything that doesn't necessarily go together, but tastes great!
On my plate there was 2 poached eggs topped with hommus, a little bowl of plain greek yoghurt, a cup of spiked popcorn and a side of healthy baked potato + sweet potato fries.

How was my popcorn spiked? I love adding raisins whilst cooking them, they sort of become like candy :)
Of course even if the foods on the plate don't appear to go together you can always try out some dipping:
Popcorn and greek yoghurt
Cooked raisin and greek yoghurt
My usual, go-to, tried and true, daily, whiz-bang (ran out of words meaning repetitive;) snack:

Fruit with soy milk!
Cut up apple and black grapes
Dinner was a new made-up recipe, where Steph's tummy wanted a veggie burger and Steph's tummy always gets what it wants. However Steph's brain knew Steph's tummy would not be too happy with some extra bread tonight and decided to make Steph's hands create a bun-less burger! (Did you follow that?)
For the patty I simply whazzed up some butter beans, lentils and nutritional yeast in a small food processor, then stirred in some sauteed mushrooms, chili, garlic, fenugreek seeds, corn, thyme (all sauteed in a small pan with a dash of olive oil) and some raw rolled oats:
Formed into patties and placed in the freezer for 30 mins:
For my 'burger bun,' I made a pumpkin and white sweet potato mash, my 'ketchup' was salsa and my 'fries' were some steamed brocoli and brussles :)
Once my patties were ready to be cooked I sprayed a medium pan with this guy:
And cooked them until brown on both sides. YUM!
This didn't last very long :D
That was Sunday!
What have you guys been nom-ing?
Favourite veggie burger recipe?
Snack plates- what's your opinion?

Have a good day everyone! :D


  1. Your eats are all colourful and they look really appealing! :)

    --Linda @

  2. Thanks so much Linda! I do believe appearances are pretty important for a good meal- we do eat with our eyes after all :)


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