Friday, 19 December 2014

A spontaneous running day!

So I did something different today...
But don't freak out too much- it was good different!

I generally run every second day, to give my legs a rest in between each leg destroying workout.

 Today was that second day when I would generally run. I was a little extra tired and heavy from my deep sleep (*cough* I woke up, lifted my head, planted it back down on my pillow and fell back asleep) but when I finally managed to hop out of bed (around 6:15 am) I didn't really feel motivated for my typical morning run. I was getting bored with my route, it was so predictable, so over done and fixed in my brain that my body seemed to instinctively get tired around the ending and work up strength for hills etc.
So, when I laced up my shoes, chomped on a few delicious dates, tied back my hair and began my steady climb up our hill to the outside world (we live in a little cul-de-sac) I turned right instead of left!
 And I just ran. I ran wherever I wanted for however long I wanted.
It was great!
Seriously not knowing where you are going/ when you're gonna turn back home is kinda awesome. I think I ran longer than usual, harder than usual and enjoyed it a lot more than usual (which is saying something because I love running!).
I guess I was just over my old running route and spicing things up made me push myself harder... weird?
I also did a few other new things (it was that kind of day I guess!)
Upon return (extremely sweaty, legs= jelly) I drank my first ever coconut water for fast hydration! I didn't mind the taste, a bit weird at first but then it grew on me.

So I walked around the house, stretching out my legs, drinking my water, then went up to shower while my favourite steel cut oats for brekky cooked.

Unfortunately this also finished off my supply of two of my kitchen essentials:

 Organic vegan vanilla protein powder and ground cinnamon!

 However the bowl of oats was definitely worth it!
 Oats really are my favourite post-run fuel!
 So I was energised, hydrated with coconut water, clean and washed haired and smiling into a big bowl of warm oats... otherwise known as my perfect morning!
 Bowl spread with almond butter, oats poured in and then topped with peanut butter :).
Even more water- because running (and sweating!) sure does take it out of you!)
 And many wonderful spoons like this:
I'm thinking I might try this spontaneous running routine again as I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now prrreeetttyyy tired. Although I have spent the remainder of the morning last-minute-Christmas-shopping, grocery shopping and washing/cleaning my sisters car for her- so that might add to my floppy limbs! ;)

What about you?
Do you find mixing up your running routes helpful?
Do you drink coconut water?
Favourite after workout food?

Bye for now friends! :D

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