Thursday, 25 December 2014

Boxing day magic

I don't know what was in the air this Boxing Day morning but whatever it was gave me so much energy and stamina as I ran with a smile on my face for a whole 50 minutes!
I've never run so far, for so long and I felt great- even at the end (although I had to stop as my blisters on my feet (I acquired from burning them on the super hot ground) were rubbing) and felt like I could run for miles! I don't track how far I run as I don't think it's necessary for me at the moment, I just run until I don't feel like running any more and head home- today I didn't want to stop!
I don't know if I'll feel the same way the next time I head out in my bright pink and yellow running gear (favourite colours ;) but right now I'm just in such a good mood that I don't even care.
Running is my happy sport/ activity and it's days like today that remind how great it is for me. Emphasis on the for me part. I know not everyone's a fan of running (I know quite a number of people who are strongly against the entire idea of running) and to that I just want to urge you to find something you absolutely love that makes you feel great and do it often! If it's dancing, or cycling or swimming, or walking the dog, or painting, or playing music, or knitting... whatever it is- if it makes you ridiculously happy/ relaxed/ motivated then do it! It'll be good for your mind and soul!

Wow, this post suddenly got kind of deep...
Back to this morning- and a breakfast perfect for refueling!

A big bowl of vanilla protein powder steel cut oats and a side of blackberry fro-yo (a handful of frozen blackberries + 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt)
Unfortunately my usual protein powder wasn't at the shops when I needed it so instead I decided to try Michelle Bridges plant based vanilla protein powder and even though it tastes a bit different, it's a good different and still makes my oats taste so decadent and dessert-like.
And of course the fro-yo was absolutely delicious too (love the colour! :)
I tried the protein powder first on its own in some rolled oats with a side of berry ice cream in an almost empty jar of peanut butter
On it's own the protein powder had a bit of a strange taste but it did seem to grown on me.
It was quite sweet? But not really sweet... I'm not too sure what it was. It reminded me of a jersey caramel, that's how I can explain it.
The delicious ice cream was 1 frozen banana + a handful of frozen blackberries, whazzed up in a food processor until smooth (stopping occasionally to scrape down the sides)
Like a very delicious dessert when eaten with some peanut butter and warm oats:

Your turn:
Do you ever have days when you just want to run forever?
What's your favourite activity that makes you really happy?
What protein powder do you use? If you use any :)

Bye for now friends- off to go see The Hobbit (family Boxing Day tradition) and then maybe brave the Boxing Day sales! :D Have a great day!

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