Thursday, 4 December 2014

You can slip a veggie in anywhere!

Hi hi hi! (very close to ho-ho-ho, because it is very close to CHRISTMAS!)
Ok, get off the Christmas topic, Steph, you're going to get way too excited! Plenty of time for that! No, today I'm here to talk about veggies! YAY! Just Thinking Out Loud on this fine Thursday! :)
Soooo many people tell me they don't like veggies when we approach the topic of my diet:

Other person; 'So what do you eat then?'
Moi; 'Mainly veggies, I love them so much!'
Other person (face screwed up in disgust); 'I don't really like veggies.
Moi; Slaps them round the face

Just kidding!

But seriously.

Now, I will admit I was the strange anomaly of a child that would walk around the house munching on a carrot/ brought capsicum and celery and any other veggie with me to school to dip in my tzatziki/ snacked on frozen peas because they are so gosh darn yummy! However I did dislike some veggies, like zucchini and mushrooms and cauliflower and green beans and spinach (I know! Can you believe it!)

However after 3 years of vegetarianism and mainly wholefoods eating, I've realised how to make veggies taste spectacular (and how not to) and how even though I thought I didn't like something, maybe I just wasn't preparing it the right way or with the right things. This is what I tell that other person (after I've finished slapping them)
I think we have to start with my favourite sandwich of them all- the grilled veggie sammy!
I do mix it up, but basically it involves at least 5 different types of veggies and I even slip grille zucchini in there because I want to- because it goes kind of creamy and tastes a little like cheese (don't know how!)
Veggies hater? Try this sandwich. Now.
Pasta is another meal where I like to chuck in a copious amount of veggies (and even hide a few in a pesto/ pasta sauce!
Now if you're like me this meal would look just fabulous:
Plain spelt pasta, plain steamed veggies and grilled eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms along with some chili tofu. If you're not like me, it may not look that mouth wateringly good. That's cool... what about this:

Spaghetti (wholemeal) with pesto, spinach and red kidney beans
 Of course the veggie fiend in me topped this delicious pasta off with some steamed pumpkin, peas and roasted tomato, but that's just a suggestion- there's plenty of veggies in the above dish by itself!
Another dish I absolutely love to hide veggies in/ on is... PIZZA!
Starting with the bases:
Then topping them off with pesto (filled with lots of spinach and basil) and lots of steamed veggies, along with mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, capsicum, no-added-salt tomato paste and vegan cheese.
If physically looking at the sheer number of veggies is too daunting for you... there are ways around this:h
 There you have it, some of my favourite ways to hide extra veggies in your diet (I didn't even mention green smoothies- are you proud of me? I feel like you've seen a lot of them recently) Definitely try out any of the above suggestions (I have plenty more if you want as well!) or just sit down to a big ol'bowl of roasted veggies. I know I will!

Your turn!
Do you like veggies?
What's your favourite veggie? (chips don't count!) That one is such a hard question for me, but I'm technically classifying pumpkin as a fruit so it would be sweet potato! :)
What's your least favoruite veggie? I've got to say I'm not the biggest fan of okra (it just tastes strange to me) or fennel- I don't like licorice and it tastes like licorice.

Don't forget to head on over to Spoons to check out what everyone else is thinking about!

Bye for now friends! :D


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  2. This is a great roundup and YES I love veggies so much. I enjoy most of them too, I even crave veggies. And I, too, really want to slap someone when they tell me they don't like veggies...Seriously?! How do you get through life?

  3. Eva and Kaylin,
    Yes! There are others in the world like me! ;) Eva- 10 serves a day! You rock! and I seriously can't understand how people can get through life without veggies too, Eva.
    Thanks for your comments :)
    Steph 2 chef x


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