Saturday, 27 December 2014

Coconut butter tutorial

Hello everyone! How's your day going/starting/ ending? Good? Good.

So a couple of days ago I pre-heated the oven, pierced a sweet potato and was 20 minutes into baking it when I realised I had no coconut butter left to top it with...
That was pretty much my face
What would I top my sweet tater with now??? (yes I know there are  a million and one other things I could have topped that veggie with... but I wanted COCONUT BUTTER!(Wow, I seriously am a whining baby!)

*Head stuck in pantry crying* Suddenly a purple bag catches my eye in the corner of the pantry.
I've done a post on this in the past, but I think I took better pics this time, so coming at ya- Home made coconut butter tutorial!
(Little tip- make sure you have quite a bit of spare time, a good food processor, patience and maybe some ear plugs ;)

To begin I placed a bag of organic shredded coconut in a food processor (it doesn't really matter how much, just make sure you have enough- most bags will work) and whazzed! (I just hit my low button and let it go)
After about 3-5 mins it should start to combine and look a bit like bread crumbs:
Scrape down sides and continue to whaz.
After another 5 or so minutes more of the oils will come out of the coconut and start to clump together:
Again scrape down the sides and then keep on going (I had to scrape down the sides a lot so don't worry if you do too!) The coconut will continue to clump together and then all of a sudden get quite liquid-y. even when it looks done, blitz for a few more minutes just so it's not too gritty.
To pass the time you could take some beautiful pictures of your surroundings...
Once whazzed beyond recognition, pour into a sterilised jar and keep it fridge/ pantry (it'll set in fridge, but will last longer- just scrape some out and melt on hot things/ in microwave)
There we go! Coconut butter for my sweet potato... which was cooked when I finally finished making it! :)
Kind of looks like milk. That would be a nice glass of milk!

Dinner was saved!
Sweet potato was happy! Steph was extremely happy!
The stuff on the side was pretty good too. ;) Roasted capsicum and tomato, steamed broccoli, peas and corn and chili tofu:

Cheaper and just as yummy as store bought coconut butter- why not make your own?

Talk to me:
Do you like coconut butter?
Have you ever tried coconut butter?
Have you ever made coconut butter? Tips?

Bye for now folks! Have a great Sunday! :D

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