Monday, 1 December 2014

Kitchen success stories

Hello, hello!
Don't you love it when you just have a fabulous day in the kitchen. Everything you create in there just turns out super good and yummy and you end up having fabulous meals all day long.
I'm not gonna lie to you guys, this is a rare occasion for me as I do like to experiment and most of the time my experiments are just a little too out there and taste a little... how shall I put it... interesting ;)
Not this day though! This day became one of those once in a blue moon days when everything turned out awesome. Breakfast and lunch in particular.
Breakfast came first...
 You've seen these balls before and they were just as good as the first time, so I was a happy camper. The over flowing yoghurt thing, however was new and soooo good. It reminded me exactly of peach yoghurt, but 1000 x better!
 It was 1 chopped and frozen extra ripe/ extra juicy yellow flesh peach with 1/2 banana and 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt. I whazzed the peach and banana up a bit first in my mini food processor and then added in the greek yoghurt so it was nice and smooth and creamy :)
 Then placed in the freezer with my banana truffles waiting for the truffles to set.
 I couldn't wait very long as I was fairly hungry after my run, so I had not very set truffles... but they were still pretty darn delicious!
 I also ended up having the drink my yoghurt a bit before I could stick the spoon in, so it wouldn't overflow :)
 Nice and filling and delicious- just the way I like it!
 Eaten together= happiness:

So I was fed happy and full of the delicious memory of breakfast for quite a few good hours before the stomach started up again.
I decided a veggie burger was needed.
Not just any veggie burger either. A pesto veggie burger!
The plain burger recipe is pretty much based off this recipe along with a serving of pesto stirred in.
If I can remember correctly I used about 1/2 tin cannelini beans + a few spoons of lentils (both rinsed and heated slightly in microwave) and mashed them up with some sweet potato, garlic, nutritional yeast, peas, corn and pesto and formed into patties. If I had any I would add some bread crumbs, but I didn't :(

I then placed them in the freezer to harden a little bit before chucking them into a hot pan to brown up on each side:

Not really in the mood for a bun (I know, I was in the mood for a patty and not a bun...:) I tore the pesto patties up and threw them into a salad with chopped carrot, capsicum, purple cabbage, cucumber and salsa:

Nom nom :)
Another super simple, yet incredibly delicious kitchen creation for the Steph-i-nator!
Such puurrtty colours :)

There you have it- one of those rare days where everything turns out great. Now we just begin the wait once more for the next one! ;)

Your turn!
Ever had a fabulous day in the kitchen where all your meals turned out great?
Do you like adding greek yoghurt to everything? Is it just me?
Favourite type of veggie burger? I must say I do love black bean burgers and lentil burgers and curry burgers and Moroccan burgers... I like them all!

Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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