Sunday, 7 December 2014

The weird things I crave

I am a weirdo.

Especially when it comes to food.
 You see, my favourite meal of the day is breakfast and in the healthy living blogger community, mine are pretty normal- oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes, oats in a jar (yeh my friends think I'm weird, but this is considered awesome in this blog-o-sphere realm!)
Even my lunches are pretty acceptable... most of the time. Usually sandwiches, salads, wraps etc.

I will admit they are usually huge... but pretty normal all the same!

So it can't come as a shock to the world that come dinner, any scrap of normalness that was buried deep inside of me, managed to scramble out and left a whole lot of random/ weird cravings and as a result a whole lot of random/ weird dinners. Don't believe me? Brace yourself for multiple plates of food I almost guarantee you haven't seen before.
Just kidding, that was just a Google search- so, yes... someone in the world actually does like chocolate and onion...

Ok- now onto my very own strange foods.
Exhibit A: The 'can't decide on what I'm feeling' dinner:
A plate of steamed brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash dusted with cinnamon, some brown rice crackers that I dipped in:
Some very quick home made baked beans- some tinned, drained butter beans, tinned tomatoes, nutritional yeast and sweet corn all bubbled in a pot for a few mins.

Exhibit B: The 'so plain and bland it can't taste good but it's Steph's favourite!' dinner:

Spelt spaghetti with spinach and roasted veggies and some grilled tempeh:

Yummy! Said no one ever.
Except me :)
Who needs pasta sauce?

Exhibit C: The 'I can't be bothered cooking something elaborate, am craving a grilled veggie sandwich and seem to have a lot of brussles sprouts in the fridge' dinner:
A seedy roll with hommus, spinach, curried veggie burger and sliced tomato, toasted in a sandwich press with a side of roasted brussels sprouts and broccoli topped off with fresh sweet corn.
Definitely hit the spot. The spot being a hungry little monster borderline-ing on hangry.

Exhibit D: 'Craving the veggies... and the taco mince...' dinner!
This one's not too weird. The weird part is the combination of practically two separate meals. I didn't really feel like proper tacos- as in a wrap/ taco shell/ lettuce wrap, or just a plate of roasted veggies, so I made some taco seasoned vegan mince, lentils, spinach and tomatoes (fried in a frypan with some water until absorbed) topped it with hommus and ate alongside a bucket load of roasted veg (pumpkin, white sweet potato- so good roasted!- orange sweet potato, potato (ok lots of different potatoes), beetroot and swede.
So I guess I don't like full/ complete meals that come with a name (ie. carbonara, lasagne, curry etc.) I just kind of put random bits of everything on a plate and seem to enjoy it!
That's all that really matters, right?
Exhibit E: 'Everything I felt like on the one plate' dinner:
 Steamed potatoes with pesto, roasted garlic-y tomatoes and mushrooms and two poached eggs with the remaining pesto on top, with a side of dried apricots :)
 I love pesto, I love veggies, I love eggs, I love dried apricots. What's not to like?

Please tell me I'm not alone:
Does anyone else give up by the time dinner rolls around?
Are your dinners random or structured?
What is the weirdest plate of food you have ever put together because you just felt like it? For me that's got to be a bowl of steamed veg along with some buckwheat cereal flakes and some almond butter. It was good! :)

See you later! :D


  1. Hey, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE MEALS LOOKS FRICKIN' DELICIOUS. Holy wow. I'm a REALLY bland eater so maybe that's why, but at least you could cook for me and I would savor every bite! I would even devour your weird food combo because those are my three favorite foods in one bowl.

    I don't think I have any weird food combos to report; I guess I'm guaranteed not pregnant haha! I do give up at dinnertime though on Mondays and Tuesdays when I get home from class at around 5:15 PM. At that point, it's a struggle just to pour cereal and almond milk in a bowl.

  2. Yes! I will cook for you and then I won't have to put up with complaints like; Where's the salt/sauce etc.! I really hope I'm not pregnant (wouldn't look too good at 15!) and I don't know why I'm complaining about having to make dinner, when you only get back at 5:15pm- you're a trooper!
    Thanks for the comment :)
    Steph 2 chef x


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