Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BLUE!!! ... berries

Blueberries, blueberries, I LOVE BLUEBERRIES! I also bought some the other day, which was good :)
I'll start with the breakfast I enjoyed that actually comes with a recipe!
Presenting, the most delicious blueberry recipe so far on this blog...
Glazed Lemon Blueberry Doughnuts!
Now, I have a few good doughnut recipes already on this blog ( see here and here) but I think these ones give em' a run for their money ( actually I like them all, maybe I have to do a doughnut trio?)
P.S. If you don't have a doughnut machine, just make these into delicious pancakes!
25g wholemeal spelt flour
5g oatbran
10g rolled oats
5g coconut flour (mainly for taste- just increase spelt flour if you don't have it)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon grated lemon rind
handful of blueberries
1/4 cup milk of choice ( I used oat milk) mixed with 1 teaspoon lemon juice
chia gel- 1 tablespoon chia seeds mixed with 1 tablespoon milk ( I used oat) let sit for 5 mins

1. Preheat doughnut machine ( Or just use a fry pan- how you would normally make pancakes)
2.Combine dry ingredients in a medium bowl
3. Whisk in chia gel, milk and lemon rind
4.Brush on some oil to machine (or fry pan)  Stir in blueberries
5. Spoon into machine and close lid for a couple of minutes ( check after 2mins- ready when golden and firm)
6. Place onto wire rack to cool slightly- glaze with whatever you like ( I glazed with coconut butter- yum coconut butter!)
Unfortunately the weather was awful outside- hello lightbox!

Closer... please!
As you can see, I enjoyed my delicious doughnuts with some grapes and also a strawberry-grape milkshake: ( Made by blending- strawberries, grapes, soy milk and ice in a blender until smooth)
Not a doughnut fan ( Haha, I kid- like anyone doesn't like doughnuts? ;)
then have no fear- oats are here!
Blueberry oatmeal:
This is really simple, you just make a batch of oats ( or a batch of my oats) with a big handful of blueberries thrown in and cook until colour starts to run and it becomes this awesome purply blob of yumminess!- Yeh!

Don't forget to top it with something you love ( for me that was blueberries and coconut butter)
Also don't forget the spoon of peanut butter:
Or the hidden peanut butter!
And enjoy the fabulousness that is blueberries!
Have a brilliant day!!!

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