Thursday, 13 March 2014

Recaps and mugs...

Yeh, I think my title rocks too!
So it's Thursday, which is my resident recap day (it's like the well known blogging community -what I ate Wednesday... but Thursday :)
First of all, this is what I woke up to:
No joke, that is a picture I took this morning. Good morning to you too sky! ;)
So naturally I wanted a nice warm mug of...
Cold green ice-cream smoothie?
YEH! Then I made it even better with some mixed muesli:

My body doesn't really get hot and cold, and I'm fine with that!
While I was making brekky, I was also making lunch for school. It was a steamed root veggie, chickpea, anti-pasto, spinach, fig salad! Yeh, it was really an anything Steph finds in the fridge salad. But it was delicious!
Breakfast, lunch... Dinner!
Dinner last night was gooood:

It was a stuffed butternut squash butt, stuffed with sauteed capsicum, mushroom, peas, wild rice, onion and seeds, with a side of parsnip circles layered with hommus (It's my take on a potato grati.. parsnip gratin!) and some spinach.

Now back to anther mug shot ;)
This was a very yummy mug!
 It featured banana oats, topped with multi-grain cheerios, a fig split in half and filled with peanut butter and these:     I sliced a third of a banana (the remaining going in thee oats) and spread peanut butter between them, then coated them in coconut butter mixed with raw cacao and put them in the freezer for a few minutes to harden, then I put them on top of my muesli and oats with the fig = no words can describe it!

Warm oatmeal, crunchy muesli, sweet fig, creamy peanut butter and decadent banana bites- it doesn't get better than this guys!
This was a good spoonful!
I hope you guys had a delightfully delicious week and enjoy your Friday and weekend! :D

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