Thursday, 6 March 2014

Friday Sundae

That title sounded really weird in my head :)
Any-way... when I was younger and still into fast food and stuff like that, I would always like getting a stunner meal, because not only did you get a burger, chips and a drink, but you also got a sundae- and I always got a caramel one. I never finished my burger, chips or drink, because I had to make sure I had room for that sundae!

Why was it so good though? Thinking back now it makes me a bit sick about how sweet it was, but the best part about it was getting to the bottom to have a big chuck of caramel mixed with a tiny bit of ice cream.

This morning I had an almost empty jar of almond butter and no desire for a hot breakfast, (I always put cooked oat bran in my empty nut butter jars) so my mind jumped to ice cream. Dairy and sugar free ice cream of course, but ice cream nonetheless!

Presenting my new and improved ice cream sundae:
 It was really good!
I also had a small bowl of muesli just to keep me going through the day :)

The ice cream was simply a massive frozen banana thrown into a food processor with  some mango chunks and whazzed until smooth. Then you shove it in your nut butter jar and voila- best brekky ever! Super healthy too :D


Of course if you have muesli you've got to make your sundae even better. The more toppings, the awesomer!

And what about the best bit- getting a big chunk of caramel at the end...
...almond butter's even better!
I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and do I even need to tell you to try this?

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