Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I realise not many people probably like Mondays, but I think they're ok, maybe because I'm still buzzing from the weekend and all my wonderful food experiences!

So, because it's the weekend I take advantage of all the extra time I have! No, I don't sit around and relax!?! I cook! My lunches are sooo much better than the packed salads I usually box up for school. They look a little something like this:
Pizza and chips...
That is- herby polenta-based pizza topped with salsa, capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms, rocket, basil, veggie patty and vegan cheese, with a side of sweet potato chips (sliced and baked in oven- 20 mins)
I made the polenta and added in some oregano, basil and nutritional yeast, then I spread it out to make a circle on a plate with baking paper and put it in the freezer. I also chargrilled my veggies and cooked a veggie patty then lightly chargrilled my polenta base and spread salsa, then 'cheese' then veggies + veggie patty and rocket and basil and some more 'cheese'- baked in oven (10 mins)
Another fabulicious meal I enjoyed, was my version of a burger and chips again:( Wow, I was really in a junk food mood!)
So I steamed some mixed root veggies and mashed them and also made and cooked up a veggie patty:
Not as pretty as this one though.
So it went bread (my rainbow mash) lettuce (spinach and rocket)beef burger (home-made veggie patty) cheese (vegan cheese) sauce (salsa- less sugar and salt) sliced tomato and bread (rainbow mash)
So yeh, I pretty much changed everything about the typical burger :)
Oh, and my fried chips (oven-baked baby potatoes)
It was also my mum's birthday on the weekend, so I spent all of Sunday baking her birthday cake ( It had six layers)
Be impressed:
It's just a butter cake, but it took a while! Topped with some white fondant roses :)
Lets look inside!

I'll have a slice of that! (not really, I'm the only one who knows how much butter went into that cake!)
Any-who, we went out to the beach shack for dinner (not many options for me, but oh well!) and I absolutely fell in love with their use of jars for cups, which brings me to this mornings breakfast...
My super-duper morning smoothie- frozen banana, mango, rolled oats, chia seeds, LSA mix, avocado, peanut butter and oat milk= delicious and it was a big jar! My smoothies are big :)
Inside view: (the photos don't do it justice at all- I was too hungry to make them look pretty :D)
With some yummy green grapes on top! It was still almost ice-cream thick, which is how I like it!
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too and take every opportunity to cook!

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