Monday, 10 March 2014

Light up my life!

... Or at least my meals:)
I finally got around to making a light box! Yes, and now I don't have to be sad that I can't photograph my fabulous dinners because there's no good light anywhere- no sir-e!

I did a bit of research before jumping straight in and found some good directions here, here and here oh and here :)

So here's my set-up (please excuse the messy... everything :)
You don't know how handy this will be, just look at my before and after shots:


This was just some bok choy, steamed veggies and salsa beans drizzled with tahini. The pic above looked gorgeous, but didn't taste too good at all, I tried making a savoury buckwheat bake, but it was so bland! I didn't follow any recipe, so that may have been it, but if you want to make a good one, try here!
I'm super excited about my awesome light box (I've named him Larry :) and I can't wait to take some simply stunning photos.
Although I still believe nothing can beat early morning sunshine:
Trio of pancakes- do try!
Have a good day! :D

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