Tuesday, 11 March 2014


On the weekend my local Woolworths had heaps and heaps of punnets of fresh gigantic figs on special! Of course I could not resist and because I want to use them (devour them) all before they go off, my breakfasts have been pretty... fig-tastic!

I started off with a perfect parfait:
It consisted of peanut butter oatbran (oat bran cooked with peanut butter stirred in) muesli, dried fruit, banana slices, blueberries, caramelized figs (placed in the oven for 15 mins- 180 degrees celcius) and a drizzle of milk all layered up nicely together :)
That was a yummy spoonful!
Then I was in the mood for some pancakes, so I made blueberry and fig ones! Not quite a trio of pancakes, but definitely a dynamic duo :D
By using the recipe for the trio of pancakes (link above) and just placing figs on half the half cooked pancakes (prior to flipping) and blueberries on the other- you have my breakfast!
And more importantly, fig: (actually the blueberries were super delicious too!!!)
Then today I went with making some over night oats... Then topping it off with some fig ice cream:
The ice-cream was really hard.. NOT! I threw a frozen banana into a food processor and whazzed until soft-serve like, then added the fig and pulsed a few times= DELICIOUS!
So if your stuck for ideas on what to do with figs, there you go. Yes, you eat them whole, no peeling or stones inside and yes you enjoy every last bite-I've got some crazy ideas for tomorrow!
Catch ya later :D

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