Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thinking out loud Thursday!

Welcome everyone to my second Thinking out loud Thursday! Head on over to Spoons to see what other people are rambling on about...
Let's get started!
Do you know what occurred to me for the first time the other day? Why we say Good afternoon! I mean I never really got it until I said it really slowly and was like, 'Oh... coz it's after- noon!' like noon as in 12:00pm!
But then it got me a-thunking! Why isn't morning called after-night? I mean morning is a homophone of mourning and I'm definitely not mourning in the morning- I get to eat breakfast!
Wow. Isn't that just the best picture ever?
Any-who, all those homophone stuff reminds me of something someone told me ages ago where you can't spell slaughter without laughter... creepy right? Which reminded me of this excellent picture:
And... there goes all (any?) male readers I have! Speaking of males (mainly being my father) I'm amazed he hasn't killed me yet, on account of never getting a serious answer to his simple question of 'What did you do at school today? '
Well, I see no problem with this answer.... what I do see a problem with is EXAMS! (Which I have finished.. did I already mention that?)
Exams make me wish that I was my cat sometimes. She spends all day lying on my bed, only to move for food. I would make a cool cat:
But  if  I really had to choose an animal to be, then you know what I'd pick:

Sooo, this post turned out more random than I anticipated, but that is the joy of thinking out loud Thursdays! See ya next time! :D


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  2. I was looking at my dog sleeping in the sunshine the other day while I was buried in paperwork and found myself thinking how nice it'd be to have a dog's life. Then again, they don't get to eat chocolate, so I'm not sure about that lol.

  3. Amanda,
    That's so true about the chocolate thing... yeh, I'm not sure anymore either:)

  4. Thank you so much Tasty Query


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