Monday, 9 June 2014

Why I Love Food! ♥

Reason #1
Breakfast! Why? Because Breakfast seems to be the time of the day where I am at my most creative- food wise and I seem to go crazy!
Today's breakfast...
Coconut banana yoghurt with peanut butter granola!

Firstly I put 1 chopped banana, 3 scoops of greek yoghurt, some melted coconut butter and oat milk into my beloved mini food processor and whazzed!
Popped in the fridge, turned on the oven, put some muesli in a bowl with some melted peanut butter and milk and rubbed in with my fingers. Then I placed it on a baking tray and cooked for about 15 mins and topped my yoghurt off!
Reason #2
I love bread soo much- not so much the plasticky white stuff, but wholegrain, seedy, bready goodness- like purple wheat paninis!
Filled with a giant sliced tomato, hommus, grated carrot, grilled veggie burger, hommus, smashed peas, salsa, spinach and grilled mushrooms- which was then toasted- nice and toasty☺
Reason #3
Food is awesome. Not only can it taste awesome.. but it can look awesome! And no I'm not talking about artificial blue skittles or rainbow lollypops- but foods that already look awesome- picked straight from the ground!
For example in yesterday's lunch...
Organic blue maize tortilla chips! With a side of home made salsa
Naturally purple! I mean... WHAT!?!
In my salsa were red kidney beans, avocado, corn, carrot, capsicum, spinach, tomatoes and topped with a blob of hommus :)

Reason #4
Well, the healthy delicious kind :) My diet is probably mostly fat.. I love it soo much, nut butter, coconut butter, seeds, nuts, avocado, tahini, olive oil, etc.
Especially when dinners turn out like this:
A baked sweet potato topped with almond butter with a side of beans, brocoli, brussel sprouts and...

Best. Dinner. Ever!

So there you have it! 4 of the 10029384086748 reasons why I love food :)
Happy Monday everyone! :D

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