Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WIAW #11

Yay! It be Wednesday already? That's cool, it means I get to share with you my crazy-delicious-colourful-veggie-filled-delicious-savoury-sweet-delicious eats!
Shall we began? (Thanks Peas and Crayons for hosting!)
Breakfasts : (I'm sharing- What I ate Wednesday & all week!)
At the beginning of the week, I wanted oatmeal.. and sort of inspired by this recipe, I made some of this:
It was simply rolled oats + sliced banana + chia seeds + coconut butter + vegan vanilla protein powder, heated on stove with some oat milk until thick (but not dry!)
With a side of..
Mango fro-yo!
And of course, this:
Plus this:
Equals this..
Seriously guys- I have dessert for breakfast everyday!
Next up was an all-time favourite- yep you know what it is...
 A peanut butter and banana toastie!
With blueberry frozen yoghurt this time:
1/2 cup plain greek yoghurt + 1 cup thawed blueberries (I had to thaw my frozen ones) whazzed up in a mini food processor :)

You had to see this coming!
Lastly today's brekky- what I actually ate Wednesday!
Overnight oats in a jar
plus a side of sliced apples and some banana cream (greek yoghurt and banana whazzed together!)
Yes, people- I am obsessed with greek yoghurt at the minute- it's the only dairy I can eat that doesn't anger my tum tum and it's awesome!

Now follow these steps very carefully!
Spread some of the 'cream' onto an apple slice:
 Keep going, layer after layer:
Then realise you have to much and plop it all on!
Yum yum!

Both of the lunches I happen to have photos of are sandwiches.. that are exactly the same excpet for the bread :)
 This one was on a cape-seed roll from Bakers Delight
Grilled veggies, hommus, spinach, veggie patty and salsa- put in a sandwich press :)
That was on the weekend. Today, I woke up at this awesome time and made it again on my home-made wholemeal spelt bread!

 Twas good.. but seriously guys, I do eat more than sandwiches! Yesterday I had a millet salad and the day before a big rice veggie bowl!
Yesterday, I wasn't overly hungry, but wanted something to hold me over til' dinner. Maybe some proetin powder and soy milk? But I have no protein shaker thing! Not to fear!

Works just as well! Simply add stuff, screw on lid and shake!
Today I had..

A pear and a tomarillo. Then I took one bite of the tomarillo and proceeded to feed it to my compost bin- blech! It sour and hard to eat- not good!
One night, my tummy was feeling well, so I had an easy dinner of tin tomatoes + beans topped with steamed greens topped with roasted potatoes:
Zumba night was cold roast veggies, quinoa and spinach:
Last night's pasta, chilli pesto, steamed veggies, spinach, peas and mixed four beans:
 Topped with vegan cheese :)
 And... that's it!
I hope everyone else had fabulous Wednesday eats and don't forget to head on over to Peas and Crayons to check out what everyone else has been nom-ing on! :D


  1. fro yo with breakfast sounds like a good idea! I will have to try that!

  2. Hahah, definitely a good idea! I seem to have it way too often!


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